Humidity control in cold storage and freezing processes

High humidity levels in installations, especially during the summer, can

Humidity control for the storage and conservation of seeds

The main reason seeds are stored is so they can be supplied over time in different locations

Units for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Hygroscopic products require hi-tech humidity controls to prevent

Units for the shipbuilding industry

Several layers of paint must be applied to exposed steel to protect against

Conservation of thermal power stations

During stoppages, thermal power stations have to tackle very severe corrosion risks

Humidity control in the wind energy industry

The wind energy industry is faced with a range of challenge

Confectionery and Chocolate Industry

Major benefits can be achieved by using dry air in the production process for chocolates, sweets and confectionery

Humidity control in water treatment plants

The very nature of the water treatment industry places it at a disadvantage in terms of high humidity levels


The main problem of your indoor pool will be condensation.

Humidity control in Museums, Archives and Libraries

The air-conditioning systems in old buildings are not always able to

Drying in spray towers

Spray tower drying technology is used extensively in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Drying in the high-quality painting industry

The use of water-based paints instead of paints with volatile organic compound bases has led to a new problem

Humidity control in ice rinks

When attending a sporting event, we expect to find the most comfortable environment possible.

Plastic Industry

The presence of ambient humidity in a wide range of processes carried out in

The Brewing Industry

Water is used in beer making at every stage of the production process.

Storage of weaponry

Weaponry can be protected from corrosion by oiling metal components and heating premises.

Adiabatic cooling with wet media systems in data centers

Almost all internal loads in data processing centers (DC’s) are sensible loads. It is a high thermal load produced by the large amount of inter...

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