Units for the shipbuilding industry

Several layers of paint must be applied to exposed steel to protect against corrosion in the shipbuilding industry and in large storage tanks for chemical products.

To apply paint to the most vulnerable areas and eliminate all remnants of rust, the painting process first requires a cleaning and rust-removal process, which makes the metal very vulnerable to corrosion until the protective paint is applied.

Humidity in the air around the steel at this moment in the process must be controlled so the manufacturer of the coating can guarantee its useful life.

Desiccant rotor technology has a proven track record in providing the best combination of low installation costs, a greater range of applications and lower operating costs, out of a large number of processes for drying air.

FISAIR has developed its DFRC series for these processes, which it has supplied to large shipyards and major players in the coating industries.

FISAIR offers a range of complete series of desiccant dehumidifiers adapted to each specific application. Every series is equipped with the best quality components and a design focussed on simple maintenance and low energy consumption.

The DFRC Series are air dehumidifiers designed for industrial painting and the treatment of metal surfaces, where the units have to be portable.

By way of example, FISAIR supplied 12 DFRC-2100-E and 4 DFRC-1300-E units, all with a cooling system, for temperature and humidity control inside the tanks of the ships, during the interior coating of these.

FISAIR the company was founded in 1994 in order to manufacture air dehumidifier and humidifier units. Since then it has become a reference point in the field of air humidity control in all its applications.

The operating principle on which FISAIR air dehumidifiers is based is an exclusive high performance water vapour retaining silica gel desiccant rotor.