21 Feb 2017

Air curtains, also referred to as air gates, form an air barrier invisible. Air curtains play a key role in controlling air conditioning and Energy cost by increasing the comfort of building interiors and preventing dust, Odors, fumes, wind, and outside air to enter and change air-conditioned spaces.

The Air curtains are an effective weapon in preventing flying insects from entering your building. There is an air gap for each application. Air curtains for service windows Industrial type. The morale of the employees is much better when they do not have to work In frigid or overheated environments. Properly installed, air curtains can reduce the rate of heat and moisture through An open refrigerated door from 60% to 80%. Typical air circulation for this type of Environmental situation will repel the summer heat while containing the air-conditioned Inside the chiller or the refrigerated area.

The air curtains will also ensure the absence Vapors, dust or insects inside the refrigerated room. Savings Energy, as well as a cooler product, less deterioration, and Savings on compressor maintenance. Air curtains also control condensation and The glazing without altering the visibility.

Les avantages des rideaux d'air Les avantages des rideaux d'air

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