Humidity control in ice rinks

When attending a sporting event, we expect to find the most comfortable environment possible.

Air humidity control is an increasingly important requirement for this type of building, and ice rinks are undoubtedly the sports buildings most in need of this control.

The employment of desiccant rotor air dehumidifiers in ice rinks prevents annoying mists and condensations, which can even cause light rain on spectators.

Other major benefits include the prevention of the corrosion of the structure of the building and reduced energy consumption.

The origin of the problem

The exterior air passing through the building as involuntary ventilation has a higher dew (condensation) point than the interior temperatures, which generates the phenomena shown in the diagram to the right.

Solution: Dehumidification

The following table shows ambient humidity conditions required to prevent the above-mentioned problems.

The selected dehumidifier must have sufficient drying capacity to compensate for the excess humidity brought in by the Ventilation in the given environmental operating conditions.

DFRA Series for typical installations

DFRB-D Series for small rinks

DFRC Series for temporary applications

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