Our know-how allows us, after studying your technical and budgetary constraints, to propose you the best solutions Innovative, ecological and performing in the field of control of humidity and air quality. It is this expertise and know-how that makes New'R stand out as the leader in this sector.


Each production site is different and requires an accurate analysis of the air quality needs, both for the protection of your teams and for your tools and machines. What you need is to concentrate exclusively on your work and production, without being obliged to take on the technical and environmental constraints of the site itself.

New'R works for you by allowing:

  • Increase the performance of your production tools by creating an optimal environment for the proper operation of the machines
  • To reduce the bacteriological and epidemiological risks, both at the level of your production if perishable (DLC), and at the level of the quality of the working environment by reducing the health risks incurred by your teams (anti- Absenteeism related to work stoppages)
  • To optimize the well-being of your employees: the importance of a healthy and temperate environment is no longer to be demonstrated as regards the performance and the involvement of employees in their tasks.
  • Ensure the safety of your teams: if your production tools are in an environment detrimental to their proper functioning, they become a risk for your teams. Our work is to accompany you to rule out any danger linked to the quality of the environment.
  • The longevity of the buildings and the preserved goods: the moisture, poorly balanced, is responsible for many assaults on the materials. Molds, for example, can cause abnormal degradation of goods.


We put at your service a dynamic team, involved that will intervene as close as possible to your needs and constraints to meet them. 


A team of engineers specializing in aeraulics and moisture treatment capable of performing a situation audit, risk analysis and optimal solutions according to your constraints.


New'R is present throughout the country. 

This implantation allows us to intervene quickly on any site and meet your expectations by carrying out a study encrypted within eight days. 


For News'R, customer follow-up is essential even after our intervention. 

That's why we make a point of controlling the durability of the solutions we have put in place and, of course, of your installations.

Our contracts for inspection visits are essential to ensure follow-up.

And in case of emergency, our specialized teams intervene very quickly to accompany you and to solve the possible problems.