HEF evaporative coolers - naturally cooling

Dry air has a huge natural capacity for cooling by exchanging heat for water:

  • Our units are designed to make this interchange highly efficient and hygienic.
  • They range from the most hygienic systems for treating the air in buildings used by people, to larger units capable of cooling large industrial premises, and obtaining major savings as well as thermal wellbeing.

Range of equipment


The most hygienic and the most efficient.

Contact panel evaporative humidifiers with the highest performance on the market by high efficiency to low pressure drop, and certified hygiene.


Low height solution.

The hygienic range for low heights to enable the use of these systems in false ceilings in commercial premises and offices. The lost water design reduces energy consumption and is a huge aid to maintenance.


Evaporative coolers that minimize installation costs because they do not require the installation of air pipes. Resistant and simple.


Systems equipped with high pressure fans to enable the HVAC of large buildings using only water for refrigeration. Robust and safe construction.


Evaporative cooler for air-condensed water chillers. High-efficiency and minimal pressure drop panel. Prevention of the deterioration of the batteries of the direct water atomization systems.

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