DIPHUSAIR air humidifiers

Hygienic humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control of the air.

They employ different energy sources:

  • Plant steam, electricity or heat transfer fluids.
  • We ensure specific absorption distances for the steam in the dry air flow.
  • We supply section-customized units with delivery deadlines suited to manufacturers.
  • We provide selection and assessment software in conjunction with a DLL for integration with external software.

Range of equipment


For the Diphusair ELECTRODE, RESISTANCE, ASC and VxV series.

Diphusair ASC

Superheated water heat exchange humidification system.


Isothermal self-producer steam humidifiers by submerged electrodes; resistant, compact, economic and precise. It has a stainless steel chassis, controller and wide selection of dispersion systems in accordance with the absorption distance.

Diphusair FSH

Steam injection system designed for work with pressurized boiler steam, with double jacketed piping and steam separator.

Diphusair MT2

Steam injection / dispersion system suited for operation with pressurized boiler steam or unpressurized steam generated by the isothermal steam generators.


Electric heater isothermal self-generating steam humidifiers. Similar to the electrode option but used for any supply water quality. Proportional control.

Diphusair VxV

Boiler steam exchange humidification system.

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